Firing up engines!

Most of my recent musings have appeared on my substack channel, the Wandering Brain, which you can find linked elsewhere on my site and you can read for free anytime. I just thought I would check in here to assure anyone who might be interested that I’m alive and well and busy as all heck. I had some really fun travel in May (read about it in the Wandering Brain if you’re interested) and I’ve spent much of the rest of the summer recharging after a really tough couple of years and regrouping and updating my five-year plan, which is probably crazy ambitious but there it is. My book length project has been in seeming hiatus for the last little while, but ideas are brewing still and I’ll be putting together a serious plan in the next few months. I have a very busy fall coming up–actually frightens me a little to contemplate! I have a couple of shorter trips for talks, one to Washington and the other to Philadelphia. I’m also revisiting IberoAmericana University in Mexico City. I was there some years ago to help then inaugurate some new research ventures and I’m very excited to go back to see what they have going on (which, as I understand it, is quite a lot!). I’m also very excited to be visiting São Paulo in October to give a talk for NeuroArquitecto Day. This will be my first visit to what sounds like a fascinating place and, in fact, my first visit to South America! I’ll be doing all of this while teaching a course at Waterloo (thank goodness, for once, for the opportunity to record the occasional video lecture as I sneak these travels around my teaching schedule).

So things look pretty full up for me until the end of 2023 but I still have lots of availability in 2024 if you’re looking for someone to talk about the psychology of the built world, architecture, and cities. There is much to be excited about.

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