The wandering brain

It has been one crazy year (or three) but I seem to be getting back into regular activity mode, albeit with much longer hair and (still) much more time spent at home than I’m used to. For those of you who have been coming here to look for signs of life, apologies for not showing more of them before now. For whatever its worth, I’m still active on social media, but most of my more interesting writing has been taking place on a new Substack column called The Wandering Brain. I hope you’ll take a look. If you like what you see, subscribe so that you won’t miss anything. I write a new column about every two weeks and it doesn’t cost a penny to read.

I’ll also get back into the regular habit of posting other updates here (appearances, other new writing, etc), but most of the outpouring of my heart will take place on Substack, which is a medium that I quite enjoy.

There have been a few academic publications that have come out over the past while, and I’ll probably provide some little thumbnail sketches here as I have time.

At the moment, I’m just winding down into the last month of a sabbatical, which has seen some crazy ups and downs, several completed chapters of a new book I’m trying to market and, I’ll admit it, some recovery from the ravages of a world that went insane and is still very much labouring to breath (in so many ways).

Until next time!

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