Frank Gehry's Curves

Curves are Better

Speaking of curves, I’m going to visit one of my favourite places in Toronto today—the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I’m not sure if I’m more excited about going to see the vaunted Bowie exhibition (probably) or about having a chance to visit Frank Gehry’s fantastic…

Fig 1. Feeling and Lines

The Feeling Value of Lines

This post is a blast from the past at my former blog, You Are Here.  The content is still very much at the top of my mind, though, as I’m more interested than ever in the manner in which simple lines and contours might influence…

University of Waterloo

Vancouver Bound!

I’m just packing up for a few days in Vancouver.  The main feature event of my trip is this discussion with well-known architect Ian Ross MacDonald on the topic of relationships between architecture and neuroscience.  It was being advertised as a “collision” but now I…